Our Process

For AVC, creating compelling motion graphics and 3D animations are not about making whiz-bang visuals. It's about understanding our client's goals and objectives, then trying to convey that message in a meaningful way.

Not All Content is Created Equal

We understand that no two clients are the same and what works for one client may not work for the other. AVC strives to engage our clients in a way that makes sense for them. From taking existing print pieces and turning them into animated videos to consulting with clients to design new video wall concepts, we adapt our process to fit every need.

The first step in the AVC project process is to meet with our clients to determine their needs and objectives. This ensures that the quote, scope, and final deliverables align properly. We understand that budgets usually determine how much visual impact a project will have, and that's OK. Some projects may only need a simple approach to presenting motion messages while others may need additional animations and ongoing creative input to achieve the intended goal.

AVC is not about making cheap generic messages, but we're also not about taking months to create expensive works of art. There's always a sweet spot between time, budget, and creative impact that can be met. Our process will help determine what works best for you.

Project Examples

The following examples help illustrate the differences between a standard project and a complex project. Both examples were built with the same marketing messaging, but with a slightly different approach based on the client's need and budget.

Standard Production Project

What You Get...
  • Flat text
  • Standard font choices
  • Image based (Client provided images)
  • Limited creative input from the client
  • Quick turnarounds

High Production Project

What You Get...
  • 3D animated custom text-unique font
  • Licensed video/images
  • Image-based (Client provided images)
  • Client input and multiple approvals of concepts, designs, and animations.
  • Simple 3D animation