Alpha Video Creative (AVC) can help your organization share their story and important messages in effective and entertaining ways.

For AVC, motion media design is about the craft of inviting viewers to explore a visual narrative. Our digital storytellers share our clients’ stories using a mix of text and graphics, then punctuate them with stunning 3D animations and interactive content. Our media can take many forms including digital signage, video walls, interactive touchscreens, and mobile devices.

AVC was started over ten years ago as the creative department of Alpha Video & Audio, Inc. Alpha Video is a top 20 national video and audio integrator that has designed and installed hundreds of sports, casino, broadcast, and corporate audiovisual projects. AVC also creates all of the creative content for CastNET, a digital signage solution created by Alpha Video that has been deployed on thousands of screens around the world.

Josh Hoffert

Josh Hoffert

Director of Professional Services
Josh has over ten years of creative services management experience and has been leading Alpha Video's professional services group for the last four years. A world traveller, self-confessed foodie, and avid boater, Josh takes the time to enjoy the finer things, just don't get him started on what bourbon is best.
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Josh Lynch

Josh Lynch

Creative Art Director
Our second Josh leads the Creative team with over ten years of storytelling experience as an Art Director and Illustrator. He has a passion for art and all things geek. A few of his side projects include superhero pet portraits and a daily Spider-man sketch blog. Don't even think about getting him started on Kirk versus Picard.
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